Carers Card – Recognising Unpaid Carers Throughout Dorset

Carers Cards in Circulation

All three versions of the card are current and accepted by businesses

Thank you for visiting the official web site for the Carers Card. The card can be used by Carers who are signed up with the Carers Information Services in Dorset to obtain discounts for goods and services.

Carers can find a Directory of businesses who are offering discounts here:

The Directory will be regularly updated as businesses join the scheme, please check back often.

The scheme launched during Carers Week in June 2016. It has approximately 8,000 unpaid carers currently signed up who are receiving their free cards. They currently receive discounts from over 400 unique businesses who have already chosen to support this successful initiative.

This initiative funded by Dorset Council, BCP Council, and the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group aims to:

  • Support Carers to remain Safe and Healthy
  • Recognise the contribution Carers make
  • Support the development of Carer Friendly Communities

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Benefits for Carers

  • Save Money
  • Feel valued
  • Achieve recognition in the community for the work that they do unpaid
Carers Card Window Sticker

Benefits for Business

  • Free marketing to approximately 6,000 carers at start
  • Free marketing to all new carers signing up with the Carers Information Services
  • No lead time for scheme to build – cards issued free to Carers
  • Easy to sign up
  • Free sign up
  • Display official membership sticker in place of business
  • Carers who visit your town on day trips or holidays can obtain your details prior to arrival
  • Tick your “box” with regards to your Community Offering
  • Dedicated website for use by Carers broken down into areas and categories for ease of use, with downloadable, print friendly directory of suppliers
  • Links from Council website to directory of suppliers